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Perry Lockwood – All I Need is You | Ardent
Perry Lockwood – All I Need is You | Ardent

Perry Lockwood – All I Need is You | Ardent

Perry Lockwood is a singer and songwriter who claims to be musically influenced by “50’s rock, 60’s R&B, 70’s funk/disco, 80’s pop/hair metal/rap, 90’s rock/hip hop, 2K country and 10’s EDM”. With the kind of diversity that he brings to the table, he has become quite a sensation amongst his fanbase. You would be startled when you listen to his music ‘cause most of the work is done by himself. With charming flavours, distinct vibes, and superior soundscapes, you are sure to get marvelled at his music.

Perry Lockwood’s recent track is called All I Need is You. The song in itself is quite unique. From music to lyrics, to the whole vibe that it presents, All I Need is You is an exciting number. As soon as you hit the play button, you realize that the song is going to be quite an adventure. The very first soundscape that you hear is a fine blend of various kinds of musicality that raise your expectations. The song has intense rich flavours of rock, mostly, but there are prominent other genres mixed in wonderfully too. The sight hip hop effect in between gives the song a whole new vibe.

The vocals of Perry Lockwood are charming, to say the least. He does everything in a commendable and unique manner, and vocals are no exception. With superfluous texture and an amazing vibe, All I Need is You becomes a must listen!

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