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Vix20 – Invisible Girl | Eccentrically Amazing
Vix20 – Invisible Girl | Eccentrically Amazing

Vix20 – Invisible Girl | Eccentrically Amazing

Vix20 is a band of two music veterans who have re-entered the industry only recently to create music with much more vitality than before. They have always believed in creating music that speaks to the listeners on a personal level, and this quality has remained unchanged. Vix20 with their amazing versatility have produced songs that only masterful artists can produce.

Their recent release is a song called Invisible Girl. The song explores the world of online dating and how romance has taken a very different shape as a result. You would hear some profound soundscapes in this track. It has eccentric tunes and beats, and highly appealing and charming instances that would be perfect to listen to if you are in the initial stages of a blooming romance. The song has a unique depth. With its intrinsic uniqueness and jolly melodies, Invisible Girl’s musicality suits the theme it is portraying. You would be in awe of how the song is not monotonous. It has many elements fused perfectly in it, and that’s the reason why it still feels homogenously pleasant.

One of the best things about this track is, of course, the duality of both the artists. They complement each other’s vibes just perfectly and you would notice the smoothness of the track if you pay enough heed. From vocals to timing, everything fits together perfectly and you would devour this fine amalgamation of talents a little too much.

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