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Tears Apart – Love |  Reflection and Glee

Tears Apart is a versatile soul-rock band from Turku, the oldest city and first capital of Finland. Their 10-track LP is entitled after the eternal human emotion, Love. It runs a little over a half-hour providing some great catchy hits and love ballads. This is their second album after their 2014 self-titled LP. The album is incredibly tightly production by Jani Lankinen.

The band includes a lineup from diverse genres, which is reflected in their sound. It’s fronted by vocalist Lotta Svartsjö, from the early 2000s popular Finnish girl pop group I’Dees. Guitarist Rami Saarinen who is also on backup vocals is a great country and blues player. We also have bassist Raine Hynninen, who brings his progressive and alt-rock chops to this classic rock record. Renowned soul drummer Mikko Mäki brings his fine skills on board.

The album commences with the sensuous Sea of Sin, setting up a vintage but modern sound. The track has some searing guitars doubled by the bass lines, giving a Yardbirds-like vibe. Rhythm guitars on the track give a groovy feel. Pain is the second track with intriguing opening melodic lines. Vocals are really tastefully comped to. When the vocal choir harmonies come in the track is elevated with the neat vocals supplicating on pain. Wanna Stay is a banger of a track with its catchy groove and dreamy sounding chorus giving a nostalgic happy vibe. The jangly riff around the 2-minute mark would give any modern indie pop record a run for their money.

Perfect is on the intoxication of the optimum lover. The astute drumming sets the base for this bittersweet number. The lyrics deal with the retrospective reflection on letting go of the perfect person. Lost is on youthful love with its eventual tribulations ultimately finding its way over time. The tasteful guitar solo reflects the mood of the song appropriately. Alive is a standout track displaying Svartsjö’s vocal versatility. It’s a true groovy catchy track, which is to be spun endlessly. Stronger has some electronic elements with gospel harmonies building up to an outro which justifies its title. Rose is a true retro-soul track and you will be hooked on the fantastic riffs and bass line. Storm is a track with idyllic carefree sound and a rhythm that you can lock on to. The final track So Beautiful concludes the album on a positive romantic note, as love itself ultimately is meant to be.

The thematic aspects of the album are about overcoming hurdles, heartbreak, nostalgic love, and everything in between. Love is a record that is fresh and full of life. The guitars on the album are to die for, both the very richly recorded acoustic and electric tones. Tears Apart blend soul, rock, and pop elements to bring us a fine album, much like fine wine. Rock n soul is the term the band uses to describe themselves is completely apt. Their contemporary interpretation of the classic rock and soul sound is something the listener will savour.

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