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Lee Trent – Pessimism | Reflectively Genius

Lee Trent, Formerly known as Trent Woods made his debut with a single called ‘Under The Landscape’ followed by another single known as ‘Mayflower’, and an EP called ‘Sound And Sun’. The artist switched his name to Lee Trent and is off for a new start with a new concept. The first track under this name was ‘Optimism’. The artist presenting himself as a whole new person with a whole new name is just genius. The first song by the artist is much appreciated by artists and listeners from a wide variety of genres.

“This is an Extraordinary Genius we are dealing with”

The latest release by Lee Trent is ‘Pessimism’ which might as well be a continuation of his first song ‘Optimism’. The song is a perfect combination of deep lyrics and perfectly synchronized music. The song will surely put you in a trance making you weak in your knees. There is a symphonic riff in the middle part of the song that will make your heart groove which is placed exactly where it should be. By the time the song ends, you will find yourself ready to play the song once again. The song is so good that listening to it only once can not be enough. Every time you listen to the song, you’ll find out a new perspective, and the whole meaning of the song changes. The song is the beautiful debris left behind after the collision of chaos and peace.

This song is highly recommended for everyone. I believe, no matter what genre you like, this is a must hear.

Listen to ‘Pessimism’

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