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CJ Jarratt - Live Or Die
CJ Jarratt - Live Or Die

CJ Jarratt – Live Or Die | Fresh and Spicy

CJ Jarratt is a Singer-Songwriter based in the United Kingdom. He creates music that you can listen to at any given point in the day. I would perhaps describe CJ’s music as Electronic Pop. He finds a way to craft intricate stories while also amping up the emotions with his instrumental. He manages to set the mood with brilliant harmonies and powerful instrumental tracks to back his voice up. CJ even goes to the extent of crafting solid beats that add punchiness and depth to his music. With only one released track right now, CJ Jarratt is only just beginning his musical journey.

His debut single, Live Or Die, sounds like what One Direction could have been if they had stuck it out and made their darker material together. CJ Jarratt has a voice that, certainly, rivals the former quintet. Moreover, his music sounds full and a hell of a lot more unique to his own style. With a flair for expression, he does not hold back in any of his lyrics, showing great ambition and confidence. Live Or Die is the kind of track that you could probably send to your crush and hope that they respond with something spicy. However, CJ expresses these feelings in a much more sophisticated manner.

With a cool demeanour and confidence that most people would kill for, CJ Jarratt has unleashed himself upon the music scene. His music is definitely up there for any fan of music who looks for great lyrical ability and an instrumental to back it up.

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