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Catherine Elms - Fire Song
Catherine Elms - Fire Song

Catherine Elms – Fire Song | Hauntingly Eerie

Catherine Elms is a dark alternative singer/songwriter and pianist based in the United Kingdom. Her music combines heavy rock, dark cabaret, emotionally-charged melodies and impassioned lyrics. While not a lot of musicians these days craft songs that explore these themes, Catherine does not hold back. Moreover, she taught herself how to play the piano as well! She creates introspective music with a strong intensity that can feel like a kick in the gut. Her music is definitely not for the faint of heart because she leans heavily into the darker tones and almost dramatic effects.

Her latest song, Fire Song, is an edgy track with a whole load of that dark intensity. While it’s only her second official release, Cather Elms sounds like she’s been doing this for ages. Her piano, accompanied by this eerie tone that holds itself is super haunting. However, once her vocals kick in, you really feel the darkness take over. The music, itself doesn’t sound too fearful, but the vibe just makes you feel it. Moreover, her lyrics sound almost nihilistic and pessimistic, but they make a strong case for themself.

Catherine Elms really knows how to create this strong, dark vibe that could help you through some dark times. Specifically, if you need some nihilism to get through the day. Moreover, Catherine has a long way to go, but her music absolutely phenomenal.

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