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Zahkia – Enough | Sweet and Simple
Zahkia – Enough | Sweet and Simple

Zahkia – Enough | Sweet and Simple

Zahkia is an ardent singer/songwriter and entertainer who is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. She was intrigued by music at an early age and as she grew up her love for arts aspired her to perform at talent shows and school events. Her creative nature thrived and as a teen, she wrote poetry and began acting in a drama class, attending college with a focus on jazz studies. 

Zahkia is a young and passionate musician. And now She is ready to bust the charts with her debut single “Enough”. Zahkia’s debut song is a wonderful combination of talent and skill. 

“Enough” is a song that gives a pretty positive vibe, the moment it starts playing it gets the listener in a groove. It is a simple song that starts with all the instruments together. The lead on a synth establishes the melody and the sweet and soft drum beat is just amazing. The acoustic guitar panned to the right side gives the song a perfect rhythm and the electric guitar on the left side fills in the spaces. ‘Enough’ has a beautiful chord progression and blends perfectly with the melody.Soon the vocals of Zahkia kicks in, her voice is so melodious and sweet. It is such a soothing experience to listen to her.

Apart from the musical part, the song is well written in terms of lyrics writing. ‘Enough’ is a song about self-love and self-affirmation, the song is a healing tool for everyone who needs some positivity and motivation in their life. It’s a song that has a lot of more details and interesting musical bits and is definitely worth a listen for its amazing songwriting and Zahkia’s voice. 

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