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Nick Cody & The Heartache – That Gal | Red n Rockin’

That Gal Is Cool As… is the latest rock-n-roll single from UK act Nick Cody & The Heartache. The single has been released as part of Cody’s label Green Eyed Records. The Heartache is among several music projects of guitarist and vocalist Nick Cody which includes The Small Change Diaries, The Caravan of Dreams, and a collaboration with California-born Lond-based singer-songwriter Grace Fellows (Towse).

The song is anchored around an infectious guitar riff harmonized by the bass. That Gal has the characteristic female vocal choir of songs from the classic rock era. Cody plays a neat guitar solo in the song’s latter half. The subject of the song is Bob Dylan’s violinist Scarlet Rivera on his 1975 Rolling Thunder Tour and Desire album. The song’s title comes from a comment Cody’s friend made on Rivera after watching the Rolling Thunder Revue documentary film. Cody makes good use of lyrical imagery such as “Bobby sings with scarlet strings”. The song makes several other Bob Dylan lyrical references.

The track is reminiscent of the good old 60s and 70s blues-based rock songs. Fans of the Yardbirds and the early Who, would love it and spin it on repeat. That Gal … is proof that good rock-n-roll is alive as ever!

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