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Kevin Beadles – Coming Home | Bad day go-to

Kevin Beadles also known as ‘The Beadles’ by his fans is a Berklee based singer/songwriter with 14 singles and an album out on every major streaming platforms. Kevin Beadles’ music is a perfect mix of contemporary country and throw-back pop. He has pulled off 3 top 40 songs over the EMCA European Country Charts. He is the grand prize winner of the Great American Song Contest and West Coast Songwriters International. His debut was with a vivid album full of life is known as ‘You Can’t Argue With Water’.

With this much potential contained in him, the day when you walk by a road and hear Kevin Beadles playing on the radio, tv or a music player more than 3 times is not too far away.

The song ‘Coming Home’ is his latest release which got swaying side to side on the first go itself. The singer/songwriter perfectly sticks to the genre making his fans even more loyal. The song is so upbeat and gratifying that this is going to be my ‘Bad day go-to’ song. The lyrics are perfectly curated to fit the mood of the music. The boundlessness of the music is just astounding. The guitar tunes take you to the 7th sky making it hard to come back down. The groovy beats are just a plus point to the strong music and vibrant lyrics.

You should definitely listen to this track if you are into contemporary country and throw-back pop music.

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