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Betty Harper – Made to last | Mesmerizingly Nostalgic

Betty Harper is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter who creates music that touches hearts. The young singer weaves songs that have an emotional tick. Most of Betty Harper’s lyrics are way ahead of her age, which you wouldn’t expect a 19 year old to express so well and entwine into such beautiful pieces of music. Her Music ranges from alt/pop to singer-songwriter genres.

Her latest release ‘Made to last’ is a track that will send you back in time reminiscing about your love. The way Betty puts her feelings into the music just leaves you mystified. The song is a perfect combination of soothing keys and calmly composed vocals. The music is beautifully composed complimenting the smooth yet so powerful vocals. The song ‘Made to last’ tells you how could have everything in a moment and have nothing in the next. It powerfully induces so many profound thoughts and memories in your mind that it almost feels like a fantasy.

The song is a beautiful incarnation of memories into a perfectly composed song. The grand piano melody is a gem and the way Betty used it for setting the mood is exceptional. The line ‘hold on tight and don’t let go, we’ll be alright, I want you to know, I’ll always stand by your side’ sticks to your brain glue and keeps on playing on repeat. This is honestly one of the most addictive songs in my current playlist.

“The young singer-songwriter is a perfect mix of chaos and harmony which you can never get enough of”

Listen ‘Made To Last’

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