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Snakedoctors - Too Many | Dark and Deep
Snakedoctors - Too Many | Dark and Deep

Snakedoctors – Too Many | Dark and Deep

Snakedoctors are an enthusiastic group of four friends who started the band in May of 2020. Based in Gdansk, Poland the band has been a huge success. Snakedoctors has released a whopping 18 singles and four albums till now. Their passion and consistency for creating new music are fantastic. Their music can be described as a fusion of dark and post-punk. 

They have been topping various charts all over the world. Their biggest hit “Close That Door” has been number one for over 30 weeks in Poland on Radio Olsztyn Top 40. Another song called Got Him Another Girl reached number one on the radio airplay chart for Central America. The band’s most recent album is a double one called “Four And A Half”. 

“Too Many” is the latest single by Snakedoctors featuring Christine Corless. The single is also part of their newest album Four And A Half. The track is very simple and basic and it features some rudimentary instruments such as rhythm guitar, bass guitar, lead synthesizer, and drums. Getting into the details of the song, it starts with a soft sort of eerie guitar intro. The guitar intro builds up the intensity to make a drop with a lead synthesizer and rising drum beat. 

The song has a very simple drum beat and rhythm. Soon the powerful and deep vocals of Wojciech Wypych strike, giving the vibes of dark and goth music. 

The soft melodious vocals of Christine Corless blends perfectly as well. Too many is an amazing song that has a lot of depth and musicality to it. Everything from guitars to vocals is on point. It is a must-listen song for every music fan. 

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