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Karen Harding – Not About Angels | Feast For Soul

Karen Harding is an Australia based artist who puts emotions into words exquisitely woven into calm and soothing music. With songs ranging from singer-songwriter genre to indie pop, she touches your soul through her music creating a sense of exalting connection. She has been taking piano lessons from the age of 6 and singing lessons from the age of 14. With 6 single releases over all the major platforms in the past year, she has gained recognition around the globe and has even been awarded with several radio awards.

‘Talents like these are meant to be preserved for ages.’

The song ‘Not About Angels’ is her latest release, which I can proclaim without hesitation is one of the most heartfelt songs I’ve ever listened to. The song starts off with a soothing grand piano melody which sets the mood for the song. As the calming vocals flowed in, I could literally feel chills running down my spine. The song is so beautifully composed that it will surely put you in a trance. While the smooth and subtle vocal texture elevates your soul, the serene music makes your mind calm.

The lyricism of the artist is so profound and deep that you could relate it with several scenarios and would be applicable every single time. This is something that you’ll find in every piece of work that Karen Harding has ever put out. ‘Not About Angels’ is a must-listen if you enjoy serenity and crave good melodies.

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