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Joe Kirby - As We Float
Joe Kirby - As We Float

Joe Kirby – As We Float | Ambient Piano Bliss

In barely under 3 minutes Joe Kirby makes us feel a sea of emotions in As We Float. London-based pianist and composer Joe Kirby has had a prolific career till now and has composed for film and television for the likes of the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4. As We Float is the final track from Kirby’s latest record Abbey Road Master: Repair & Reflect. The album is part of the Universal Music Group’s Abbey Road Masters label of recordings, which includes a range of music recorded for film and TV including some stunning artists at the legendary studio.

The album was recorded in studio 2 of Abbey Road Studios. Kirby makes good the opportunity to play on the same pianos used by the Beatles. The track begins with a simple elegant piano riff building up to something. You can hear Kirby lightly playing complementary notes to the main melody if you pay close attention. When the string section comes in, the whole song builds up to a euphoric crescendo. As the song ends, you are left with goosebumps and marvel at the elegant simplicity of the track.

Kirby’s influences include of course Hans Zimmer but also contemporary classical composers like the German composer Nils Frahm and Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds. The main melodies and progressions are beautiful, wrapped in a stunning ambient orchestral arrangement that truly justifies the title. Hans Zimmer would be proud of Kirby’s orchestral arrangement which strives to create emotions from music. As We Float is an inspiring orchestral delight to listen to endlessly.

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