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Hated Names - Broken Android Slave
Hated Names - Broken Android Slave

Hated Names – Broken Android Slave | Fluorescently Heavy

Broken Android Slaves is the latest innovative release from Melbourne producer Paul Gilbert’s alternative project Hated Names. It’s a song skirting the boundaries of genres like rock, electronic, and metal music. In comparison to his last euphoric single Homesick, Broken Android Slaves is a dark heavy track.

Gilbert had his musical upbringing in rural Australia growing up on a staple of Silverchair, Nirvana, and Weird Al Yankovic. The influence of video game scores finds its presence in his music. The track begins with a synth guitar phaser riff over a light kick drum beat. We can hear a dazzling array of experimental electronica-based guitar sounds. The organ synth playing over the chorus adds to the unique sound of the song. Gilbert’s vocals are apt for maintaining a sense of apocalyptic dread. Vocal harmonies are used appropriately elevating the overall instrumentation. The chord progression at the ending of the bridge is the cherry on the cake.

While the tones and production are cutting-edge, the catchiness and musicality of the song keep the listener hooked. Broken Android Slaves is really inventive but maintains a familiar touch, hallmarks of exceptional songwriting. The lyrics center around cybernetic themes, comparing the pandemic to viruses in the mainframe. All this contributes to the head-banging ominous sonic vibe of the track. One can imagine the song on the soundtrack to a cyberpunk series. Broken Android Slaves is a David Bowie-esque experimental electronic rock delicacy from Hated Names.

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