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Shyli Madhala – Rainbows & Sunshine | Peppy Cyber Jazz

Rainbows & Sunshine by Israel-based indie jazz artist Shyli Madhala is a retro jazz-pop number about life on the internet. Madhala’s latest release is a more upbeat follow-up to her somber and dark debut Pink for My Money. However, the song’s subject is just as socially and emotionally relevant.

The first thing to notice is the contrast between the lyrical theme and the cheery feel of the music. Under the lively disney-esque jazz-pop arrangement, Madhala sings about the reality of solitude in the suffocating ever-present “rainbows & sunshine” internet. The lyrics ultimately point to the importance of real flesh and bones relationships over “wifi connections”. The song transition to a downtempo bridge where Madhala croons on credit lines supporting unaffordable likes on social media.

The song has Idan Green on some smooth drums and percussion while also handling production and mixing duties. Tom Peleg brings vitality on the double bass. Nitsan Ein Habar has a memorable clarinet solo on the track. The track has a vintage feel which transports you to the golden age of jazz. Madhala’s songwriting has a really formidable wit to it. Her vocals on the track are on point and full of cheery energy. Rainbows & Sunshine, a modern indie retro jazz song with the very modern theme of online social alienation is ironically a marvel only the internet could bring. And to that we are thankful.

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