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Michelle Limanjae - Sane
Michelle Limanjae - Sane

Michelle Limanjae – Sane | Eclectic Mosaic

Melbourne-based Michelle Limanjae paints an eclectic sonic landscape with her latest release Sane. This is her third release. It is a more serious song unlike her last peppy release “Pluviophile Song“. Her debut release was the alternative indie number “Hey Dear Heidi“. Sane is an amazing followup to these.

The track starts with a dazzling arrangement of enchanting harmonies. There are clean guitars and a solid kick-snare drum beat in the intro. The song is about coming to terms to reality with strength. The lyrics deals with fooling oneself, blocking emotions, and facing them. Sane‘s arrangement flows like its narrative with soft verses and a heavy chorus. The mood goes from numbing glow to grungy pop-rock. A bright trance is created using vocal harmonies.

Limanjae’s songwriting fits perfectly with the subject of the song. The contrast between light and dark moods keeps the song engaging. It is a musically stimulating mix of genres. The unpredictability makes it a treat to listen to. The song’s production and arrangement is versatile. There is a good blend of vocals, clean/fuzzy guitars among other elements. The songwriting brings to mind PJ Harvey. Sane is a musical treat for indie rock and pop music lovers with a message.

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