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The silent patient - butterfly | Joyful
The silent patient - butterfly | Joyful

Aurelia – Wax (Capshun Remix) | Intense Electronic

Aurelia is a New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer who has been creating electronic and experimental music that is mainstream and rare at the same time. With eccentric and unique music styles, she has been gaining limelight ever since the beginning of her career and is being loved for being a daring artist who never shies away from experimenting. Aurelia has used music to not only heal herself along the way but also portray her feelings on some strong issues that surely need to be addressed by more and more artists.

Her recent track called Wax has gained tremendous love from her fans but her freshly-released remix of Wax with Capshun is another treasure to seek out. The song is intense in every aspect. From deep musicality that hits you like a bolt to Aurelia’s soft yet bold vocals makes you feel in awe of everything you hear. The originality of the track is another aspect worth admiring. Often times remixes can go out of hand and might sound less satisfying than the original song itself. But when it comes to this remix, you realize that it has a whole other vibe that’s unique but doesn’t differ from the original in terms of how it makes you feel.

Wax Capshun Remix is everything you need on a weekend when you’re in the mood for some fun and upliftment. A must listen indeed!

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