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Shawn Chasten – Too Much Time | Refreshing
Shawn Chasten – Too Much Time | Refreshing

Shawn Chasten – Too Much Time | Refreshing

Shawn Chasten is a South-Jersey based singer, producer and songwriter who has been experimenting with music for a long time. His music can be termed as acoustic, and pop but has undertones of many types. His inspirations like John Mayer, Tyler Childers, and Post Malone are hugely responsible for the kind of music he creates. Only when you listen to his songs, you will tell how it is deeply enriched with a brilliance that only a competent artist like Shawn Chasten can create.

His recent track called Too Much Time is a song that is slow-paced, acoustic, with elements of pop. The song unfolds slowly and has a groovy vibe even after being acoustic. The vibe of the song makes it more versatile for almost all kinds of moods. You could listen to it on a long car ride and sing along, or host your own bathroom concert and play this number while you scream the lyrics!

The song is mainstream worthy because of its catchy nature. The song is not only catchy but also quite intense and soulful. The first time you listen to it, you realize that it transposes you to some other space where you feel calm and refreshed all of a sudden.

The lyrics and vocals are quite charming. Especially when it comes to vocals, Shawn Chasten’s vocals are quite charming and make the song even more enjoyable.

Overall, this song is a must-listen!

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