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Erik Evy – Quarter Life Crisis | Emotive/Confident

Chicago-based hip-hop artist Erik Evy recently came out with his first single of the year “Quarter Life Crisis” – a powerful track that displays the artist’s creative performing style excellently. He’s known best for his remix of “FUNNY AS IT SEEMS” and “Periscope”. Erik’s been constantly releasing a steady stream of singles since 2020, and has also released a 12-track album in 2021. In his latest release he incorporates the modern hip-hop sound we all know and love, along with confident bars and hard-hitting cadences; a top-notch composition overall.

Erik drops his first verse over a vibrant EP sample that sets the mood for the rest of the track right from the start. Inspired by the likes of Mac Miller, Amine, and J Cole, he incorporates a lot of their laid-back flow style in his lyrics and melodies, delivering a confident performance every time!

“25, does this mean I’m a man? / 25, living my quarter life crisis”

The artist highlights the anxiety and uncertainty commonly experienced by those going through a quarter life crisis. Erik’s track is a sort of tribute to these people and he reminds them that all your need is courage to survive, coming out stronger on the other side.

“You look at this as career / I”m looking at this as life / 25 years baby / What I see with my eyes / I’m tryna look for a spark / To connect with your soul / Ask your family, you’re valued even more than their gold”

Erik sure knows how to keep his listeners reeled in with his intricate lyricism and flow. Moreover, his verses stand out and are accompanied well by the simple yet effective instrumentation on this one; a masterful composition and a solid mix!

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