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feeble - For You
feeble - For You

feeble – For You | Mellow Folk

Feeble is a one-man Indie Rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. He crafts careful pieces that showcase the contrast between dark and light textures. Stefan Ekenberg (the man behind the band) pretty much does everything himself from writing to recording. His music is definitely a load of fun to listen to. Moreover, the thoughtfulness of each tone that goes into a track is admirable. His unique sound and brilliant textures are sure to get anyone hooked on his music. There’s something about how he creates comfort in both the light and dark textures that does wonders to the music.

His latest single, For You, is a wonderful example of that. The light streaks in the atmosphere compliment the deep drums that have a heavy texture to them. Moreover, Stefan’s vocals add this middle ground that keeps the balance between these tones. There’s something about this balance that leaves you with a calibrated and oriented sense of being. Perhaps the feeble sound and minimalist tendencies keep the music flowing with such ease that it can’t disorient you. I find that Stefan Ekenberg creates music that has many romantic era features to it. Moreover, it has a sort of ballad feature to it.

Feeble has a rather interesting discography and I highly recommend checking it out. For anyone who wants those Bon Iver folk-rock tones, this is the band for you.

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