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Cicci Landén – Need To Run | Easy On The Ear

Cicci Landén is a singer, musician, and songwriter whose sound is a blend of Americana. Her lyrical style uses personal narrative to create striking stories, accompanied by lovely melodies and her impassioned voice. Music has always held a special place in her heart. She was constantly influenced by music and is well-versed in its soulful, almost heavenly element, as well as its transformational effect. Her voice has a unique timbre and her lyrics are deeply personal yet universal. “I Wanna Drive Down Sunset Blvd,” “A Place to Fall,” “My Kind of Town,” “I See You,” “Let Me Carry You,” “The Woman You Loved,” “Stains on Our Hearts,” “Made It Home,” and “What Do You Feel” are some of her best-known songs.

The music near the beginning of ‘Need To Run’ is just incredible. The vocals and beats roar in just a few seconds later. And you’ll get a glimpse of what this Swedish singer has to offer at the track’s outset when everything is at its finest. There’s nothing like a great melody to truly grab your attention, and ‘Need To Run’ is no exception. It will be difficult not to fall in love with Cicci Landén’s voice and talent once she starts singing. You’ll soon find yourself singing every word along with her as she sings them out! Everything in ‘Need To Run’ elevates as soon as her lovely voice rips through the music beats. It will take you on a journey that will leave you wanting more from beginning to end – but alas, the song is just about 4 minutes long!

Enjoy listening to ‘Need To Run’ here.

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