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The Infinity Process - Losing Reality
The Infinity Process - Losing Reality

The Infinity Process – Losing Reality | Edgy

The Infinity Process is a Rock band based in Toledo, Ohio. The trio consists of Kimberly Tingley (vocals), Jason Tingley (guitar/bass), and Brent Gfell (drums). They bring a load of energy and charm with their live performances and it shows in their music too. The Rock trio seem to have the kind of chemistry that just clicks and comes from years of working together. The band formed in 2014 and has worked hard to achieve what they have in the past 8 years. With plenty of music to find on streaming platforms, their discography can really take you down a rabbit hole

The Infinity Process just released their latest single, Losing Reality. This track comes as the band’s first single for the year 2022. The hard rockers can, certainly, set the mood with their heavy tones and even darker atmospheres. It’s not often that you find a three-piece band as edgy as The Infinity Process. Moreover, the leading riffs and guiding bass line along with the hard-hitting drums keep things toasty. However, Kimberly Tingley really carries the melody forward with her powerful and strong voice. This track is edgy, grungy and everything in between. There’s so much you can appreciate as a rock fan.

This rock trio has, certainly, crafted a track and identity that screams Dark, Edgy and Strong. Moreover, they create a sound that takes me back to the early 2000s scene with metal and hard rock.

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