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Mellowpunk -VILGAX!!!!!
Mellowpunk -VILGAX!!!!!

Mellowpunk – VILGAX!!!!! | Hyperaware

From Boulder, Colorado, Mellowpunk is an Indie Rock band that knows how to bring the heat. The band has seen its formation build over the past few years from starting as a solo project to slowly increasing. The band formed completely when they found their drummer after tirelessly working towards gigs. Mellowpunk has a unique sound that will absolutely blow new listeners away. These folk have worked on their sound for years, through a pandemic and have achieved what most people hope to in their University days.

Their latest single, VILGAX!!!!! (No, I’m not exaggerating the number of exclamation points) is phenomenal. The song sounds like a completely different track in the intro and then breaks into something so light and Pop Punk-y. This is the kind of music that you’d definitely want to hear from an Indie band. The light textures and atmosphere, contrasted by the deep drums are a perfect balance. Moreover, the synth, guitar and bass work are truly amazing. They really carry the instrumental side of the song while the vocal work leads the song with that melody. The band has this hyperaware, intuitive nature that shows in the lyrics that I always appreciate in music.

Mellopunk really knows how to set the vibe with their music and moreover, they carry it forward. Each track is so authentic to its sound and features similar textures. I absolutely love this sound and I believe the rest of their discography is worth it as well. What are you waiting for?

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