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Grave Return/TheHamiltons - DCxPC Live Vol 6 presents Grave Return & The Hamiltons at the Danger Room
Grave Return/TheHamiltons - DCxPC Live Vol 6 presents Grave Return & The Hamiltons at the Danger Room

Grave Return / The Hamiltons – DCxPC Live Vol. 6 Presents Grave Return & The Hamiltons Live at the Danger Room

Grave Return and The Hamiltons just played an insane gig at the Danger Room for DCxPC’s Live Vol. 6. The alternative rock groups had a killer shower that they recorded with so much energy in each and every single track. Grave Return with 3 tracks on the recording and The Hamiltons with the last 2 showed immense passion. Moreover, the whole shindig wouldn’t be a success without the help of DCxPC. With a run time of 18 minutes, if you were at this show, you would have lost your mind.

Grave Return opened with Rocket Summer, a track that starts off as electrifying as ever but builds on that into darker tones. The Alt-Rock group absolutely drove fans up the walls with their heavy tracks and energy. Moreover, the song was bound to incite moshpits with how heavy and electric it was. Every tone fits perfectly into the track and it sounds just as good as a pre-recorded version. The guitars are heavy and distorted and drive the melody home. Additionally, the drums and bass keep that rhythm flowing as brilliant as ever and the vocals are just perfect.

Moving on to TV Prophets, Grave Return, certainly, know how to bring the Rock with their music. The drums completely get me on this track with how heavy and hard they go. Moreover, the guitars and bass somehow go even harder and deeper than in Rocket Summer. TV Prophets seems to put the Punk back in Punk Rock. I can totally imagine myself going wild at this gig if I was present. I’m glad that they recorded it because this is a sonic experience for everyone to enjoy. Moreover, the dynamic shifts control the tempo and atmosphere of the room.

Victory Or Death/Santa Muerte is just a brilliant way to end the Grave Return set. The track goes hard and doesn’t really wait for you to keep up. It seems that you’ve got to try your best to keep up with Grave Return. Moreover, the lads bring back uptempo music in the greatest fashion possible. One would think that fast-paced heavy rock shows are a thing of the past; one would be wrong. These guys are absolutely insane with everything they do it’s almost like they want to give you a heart attack from how fast they play.

We can’t leave out The Hamiltons who opened with Pierced. This nearly 2-minute long track has got to be the hardest rocked 2 minutes of my life. The Hamiltons seem to push the already insane limits that Grave Return set with their music. Everything seems to be taken up multiple notches and boosting the gain way beyond 10. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this and am jealous of everyone who got to see this live. The music makes me want to start a moshpit of my own just by listening to it. The atmosphere must have been insane.

The final track from this whole set, Comin Up, is perfect to end it. While it maintains the heavy, driving riffs and lines, it brings you back to a more reasonable state where your heart isn’t beating at 200 bpm. However, the energy remains the same with the vibe staying on the Heavy Rock spectrum. There’s nothing more entertaining than two bands like The Hamiltons and Grave Return absolutely owning the stage and creating music that you can lose yourself to.

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