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Del Scott Miller - Repeat Myself
Del Scott Miller - Repeat Myself

Del Scott Miller – Repeat Myself | Hauntingly Uplifting

Del Scott Miller is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer and poet from Barnsley, United Kingdom. He creates music that soothes the soul as well as the ears. Miller often composes using a unique approach that combines cinematic and poetic narratives. Moreover, he adds his guitar to the mix and uses Jazz and Classical traditions as his influences. His music definitely has a strong Indie Folk vibe to it. Moreover, it paints a picture with so many feelings attached to it. Del Scott Miller finds a way to tug at your heartstrings while also getting you to adore his entire being.

His latest single, Repeat Myself, is yet another track to do just that. Accompanied by his acoustic guitar and what sounds like another guitar layered on top of it, he creates a cinematic experience. Moreover, this is the kind of track that you’d probably hear in an art film at the point of conflict for the protagonist. The haunting lyrics stay with you, echoing Words ran out so I repeat myself to the very last note. Almost as if these thoughts haunt Del Scott Miller and so he needs to express himself.

Miller definitely has this Bon Iver Indie Folk Pop vibe going for him that couldn’t be more distinct. He has a way with words and his guitar that just seems to capture your focus and attention. Moreover, he immerses you in his music but allows you the freedom to pay attention or let it go.

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