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Akso Heart - Not Easy
Akso Heart - Not Easy

Akso Heart – Not Easy | Soothing

Akso Heart is a singer-songwriter based in the United Kingdom. After he spent a long time finishing his PhD in Chemistry, the R&B artist focused his career prospects on his music. He derived his name from the Japanese word Aks which means image/reflection. He spent a vast number of years in Japan for his education which paved the way for him to use the cultural influence. Moreover, he believes that he must embark on his own musical journey that focused on himself and his heritage.

His latest single, Not Easy, is an ethereal sounding track. It has this lovely soundscape that seems to hold everything in place. However, the percussive elements add to that with minimalistic tones. Akso Heart seems to carry the whole song with his vocals. His lyrics and flow are absolutely sublime and when he ad-libs it sounds heavenly. The whole song comes together to sound like a minimalist R&B track, but there’s more going on than meets the eye. Everything in this track sounds so heavenly as they work together to give us this beautiful, mellifluous track to enjoy.

Akso Heart is an extremely talented artist with a pretty discography. If you haven’t heard of him yet, I highly recommend giving it a go. Moreover, he creates sounds that could appeal to just about anyone.

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