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Itay Kashti | EU Democracy | Electronic | Bliss
Itay Kashti | EU Democracy | Electronic | Bliss

Itay Kashti – EU Democracy | Bliss

EU Democracy is the latest single by talented music producer Itay Kashti. Amazing guitar work yet again by Kashti in this new single. Beautiful soundscapes coupled with the amazing storytelling ability of Kashti has given rise to this amazing track that just transports the listener to a land of bliss and no worry. Its like in the movies, where they show a character plug in earphones and shut out the rest of the world.

Itay Kashti is a music producer, composer, writer and sound engineer, all bundled into one man. He is based in London and has been in the music industry since 2008. Kashti opened his own studio in 2016 called the Blue Room Studios in Brick Lane. He is not only an amazing artist but also a specialist in the field of artist development due to his vast experience in the music industry.

In this track, Kashti drops subtle elements of his perspective of the European politics. The samples used in this track are amazingly relevant and gives it a certain depth.

“And the question that I want to ask…” “Who are you?!” “One assassin of the European democracy and the European nations…”

The samples are synonymous with the theme of the track – ‘EU democracy’. The mix is absolute and just has everything right where its supposed to. The guitars just ooze bliss into the listeners ear while speaking to them through samples. Its like you just sit by the lake and get lost in thought. Maybe a little reading into the current political scenario in EU would help understand this track.(Just Kidding!)

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