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Pizza Crunch – Young Excitement | Those Young Years

Pizza Crunch is a four-piece band from Scotland. Now forming part of the Scottish indie scene, they offer a unique blend of alternative 80s influences fused with modern indie rock. Their smooth vocals and effortlessly sweet lyrics have seen them play at festivals in Rotterdam, while they also have several sell-out shows around Glasgow under their belts. The band consists of vocalist Ewan Hearns and guitarist Nathan who met at University, later teaming up with drummer Nico and bassist Craig who grew up in Inverness with Ewan, currently living in Edinburgh. Everything about them is admirable, from their sound to their lyrics to their ability to roar out memorable tracks without trying too hard.

‘Young Excitement’ is about a midlife crisis, but it’s not the kind we’re used to hearing about. The song’s distinctive sounds – a classic-rock guitar riff – open the tune and immediately gets your attention. It is about the agony of realising that things you once adored have lost their sparkle with time. It’s about realising that, no matter how wonderful things seemed in your teens, they won’t always be that way. Personally, I like the vocals since they are well-matched to the theme and elicit strong emotions. Sure, they’re on a high key at times, but they’re sung beautifully! The guitar and drum parts give the song a distinct flavour. There’s something about this song that has a very personal feel to it, and I would love to listen to more of their music in the future.

Enjoy listening to ‘Young Excitement’ here.

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