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PRTLND-Burnt Out
PRTLND-Burnt Out
PRTLND-Burnt Out

PRLTND-Burnt Out | In the essence

Mathieu Cote is PRTLND. So much more than that as well. The French-born guitarist has been in pursuit for a fresh, loud sound that is him in many ways. A sparkling personality might be, because his tracks sing praises he’s desgined. This is his latest single, Burnt Out.

This track starts with a tight 4/4 over which PRTLND begins to work his magic. The verse creates a tense soliloquy that works on unusual chords but are dense and emotive. These are still ringing out as chords with each string earning its place in this artists black sheet. You might have heard is unique sound with his single earlier this year, Into the Distance. Burnt Out is a different textural nodal fabric, PRTLND creates a web of tones that is uniquely identified as his.

For the solos, he keeps them melodic and simple, which spills into the second verse. No adulteration to any of the natural sounds like the vocals. The harmonics create a dimension to this song that is palpable as a listener, and acts as a great breakdown. If this is a song for the creative demolition in a fraction of time, PRTLND has nailed it. The notes ring out once again, before collapsing into the silence from where it began. Stitched as a whole from start to finish-that is what a natural composer does.

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