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Maejis Mind – At Water | Emotive

Maejis Mind, a music project of James Beasley, originally from Philadelphia and now located in Los Angeles, has just released his new album ‘At Water.’ The record’s sound is very delightful to listen to. The soundscapes combine such flavourful guitar tones and so much going on in the synthesisers, still never really overpower the song’s idea. The songwriting is given the room it needs to fully shine in the mix down. The composition centres around a relationship that will actually resonate with many of us, and the situations it portrays are truly present within us, making the songs more meaningful. The feelings evoked by the music would actually delight us.

Beginning with the first song, ‘Watch The Rain,’ the music gradually grows on us. The alternate space piqued my interest. The songwriting is fantastic, and it adds so much significance to the overall framework of the song. The writing nicely portrays his emotions and the mood that he is in right now, drawing analogies to the moment of raindrops raining. There is a lot of air between the verses, which adds to the dreamlike effect. The guitar playing is absolutely favourable, and I loved the instrument’s tone. The progression grows over time and creates such gorgeous soundscapes that I am sure would appeal to a wide range of listeners. The soundscapes serve as the foundation for the following tracks on the album.

The songs are still consistent with ‘There Was A Time.’ The equation is explored further in this song, and I was moved by the lyrics and the entire intensity. The arrangement begins to take on a more dramatic and emotive tone. The guitar solo, in particular, tells us a lot about the inner conflict, and I appreciated how each piece in the song seamlessly became part of the narrative. I particularly adored the synthetic textures, with the sub being the track’s defining feature. Arpeggios and the usage of delays really produced and contributed so much excitement to the song’s sound space, which is just lovely to listen to. The intensity risen exponentially.

Face On The Water/Empty Room‘ begins with a creative beginning that creates a great tone for the music to gradually capture listeners. The songwriting has now encircled the inner voice and brilliantly portrays his ideas through the words. The guitar progression also adds to and contributes significantly to the atmosphere. I must point out that the playing and section are incredibly well written for the guitar. Elements came and went, however the guitar maintained the flow. There is a small twist in the song that completely changes the mood and transports us into the worlds of textural noises, which is really intriguing. It’s admirable to hear how the instruments are tastefully intertwined with the sound effects to convey us a tale that finishes beautifully.

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