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Frank Joshua - Sense Life, Jon Kennedy Remix | Exuberance
Frank Joshua - Sense Life, Jon Kennedy Remix | Exuberance

Frank Joshua – Sense Life, Jon Kennedy Remix | Exuberance

Frank Joshua is an avid singer and songwriter with a unique style of music that is enriching and lively. He usually has pop styles infused into his music and this time it’s no exception. His recent single Sense Life garnered him much love and appreciation because it is a simply joyful track. However, its Jon Kennedy remix version feels just as exuberant to listen to, if not better. 

Sense Life is a track with deep enriching meaning to it. The lines that speak about the life and seeking it rather than expecting it to happen, is something that would inspire you in tremendous ways. Of course, the song is great not only because of its music but for me, the best part is its lyrics. As someone who loves deep meanings, I was astounded to come across such wonderful lyrics. And when good words are combined with great music, only magic happens. Sense Life is no exception. 

The Jon Kennedy version has a nice groovy and upbeat touch to it. You would wanna groove along as the track plays as this is its intrinsic quality. With fineness in music, sense life becomes even more enjoyable. It is playful at the same time. Even though the lyrics are deep and intellectual, the music has a nice funk to it that makes it all the more enjoyable and worthwhile. You would wanna listen to the track again and again because it has a catchy rhythm to it that invites you to unravel it further. 

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