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Yutzi-Give Me The Blame
Yutzi-Give Me The Blame
Yutzi-Give Me The Blame

Yutzi-Give Me The Blame | Shapeshifter Deluxe

I’m going to be writing about the strongest shape in nature. The hexagon. Just that this one chose to form a band that wanted to live the American rock n roll band’s dream. Yutzi has everything a band like this takes, and they love experimenting and exploring. This is their new single, Give Me The Blame. Follow the review with an interesting question session I had with Yutzi.

Opening with fingerstyle guitar, the acoustic and tonally efficient electric do their waltz. It is percussive, open and fresh sounding, something that is melodically compact. The title is in the first verse, settling in like smoke the way the vocals are delivered. Conscious of the instrumentals, the lyrics are soft and wary of their place in the song.

Your band name is inspired by your first music teacher. What is something else invaluable you owe to him, per music?

Where to begin. Mr. (Paul) Yutzy taught Tom (Vocals/guitar) and Austin (Drums) how to play music, and how to be in a band. He was first and foremost a Rock n Roll guy, influenced by the greats; Hendrix, Clapton, BB King, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Peter Frampton, David Gilmour, etc. You will hear these influences throughout YUTZI’s music. As a band, we will never stray too far from our roots, which means we will never stray too far from what Mr. Yutzy taught us, which is rock and roll influenced by the greats.

Yutzi takes these massive influences of classic rock and weld it with their contemporaries. Give Me The Blame has a bit of the Lumineers and Iron & Wine as well, but condenses itself as Yutzi’s hallmark of being able to change genres.

After Foundations, is there a shift in tone that has been organic for Yutzi? Does the upcoming album explore it?

We are not following any set playbook or any label, genre, etc. We just write and play what comes to us in the moment. Foundations was very bluesy, psychedelic-rock heavy, in that sense it was ‘foundational’ to our sound. Our upcoming EP has a song that continues that vibe, but the EP also has songs that explore other roots and influences such as folk-rock and southern rock.

Another phase is reviewed and the band goes all in. The Americana style does stick out with this sound, and we know that isn’t a limitation for this group as well. From the album Foundations to the EP Own Way, they’re treading a new path a different way.

You seem to be on tour right now. What’s one big change in performing these songs live you’re excited to see?

We know that songs don’t fully hit their stride until they are performed over and over and over again. As a new band (formed 15 months ago), we haven’t really played any of our songs for that long. Each song is constantly growing and evolving, especially as we add new band members and instruments. That is part of what makes this so fun. Every show is an opportunity for a song to blossom and get closer to its full potential. 

Live performances of the song allow for great experimentation, and with phrasings and stylings this group has effortlessly blended into their vocabulary, it shouldn’t be hard. For instrumentality, they have a sound system of band members that gel with each other.

From Quicksand, what has majorly changed for Yutzi that hasn’t been put to display in full effect yet?

Great question. Our songwriting. You will start to see our diversity and variety of instruments used in our upcoming EP (saxophone, piano, synth, several different types of guitars, cello, violin, viola, several different types of percussion, flute, to name a few), but our songwriting is becoming stronger and more and more mature. 

A traditional purist would stray away from inclusion of other styles, but Yutzi seem to be not only comfortable in doing this, but looking forward to it. Each instrument means a layer of inspiration they wouldn’t have otherwise. Fans following this group will know that there is something new for them every time.

Do you plan to include a genre which you love but haven’t come close to recording? Which would it be?
Another great question. We have touched on a bit of blues, rock, funk, psychedelia, and folk. I think we have some true ‘pop’ songs in us. I know that word is triggering for a lot of folks in the music world :D. But ‘pop’ to us just means accessible to the masses, which is not a bad thing. If we can channel all of our influences and genres into a few pop ‘hits’, I don’t think anyone will be too mad about that!

Like Dave Grohl says, if you like a song you like it. Genres are for rigid rods of rusting iron that refuse to see the beauty in art. We’re excited for this new chapter this band is ushering in. Listening to this song, you can bet they are too.

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