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Sans Patrie-Sans Patrie
Sans Patrie-Sans Patrie
Sans Patrie-Sans Patrie

Sans Patrie-Sans Patrie | This star will shine

Sans Patrie is an indie artist, a Brooklyn-based Argentenian/Spanish artist. He’s out on a quest to find his own sound, and the compass points in the right direction now. Something like his album art suggests. His self-titled EP is now streaming, and is a collection of all the sounds and voices that Sans Patrie has found throughout his time.

Setting Sun is stop one for this artist. Using a pop-rock base, Sans sings about captivity during a difficult time, concurrent to the mental and perhaps physical state. A beautiful progression marks the chorus of this song, something I hope will echo from stadiums very soon.

Dance, Dance is a catchy, funky riff that perfectly balances tone and riff of the guitar to give an explosive beginning. Starting with the acoustic and letting the electric take its slide in, this riff will give you the Let’s Dance Bowie turn up. The blues guitar jumps in from the limelight every once in a while, and makes Sans Patrie have the vocal turnout that it deserves.

The bleeding edge of the axe

If you were wanting a break from the rock palace that Sans is making, look elsewhere. Shotgun continues his love for this genre, with an anthem sure to make you shell out a few for replacing your hardwood flooring. People are going to want to jump their hearts out on this one. With almost rap like intensity, Sans awakens his inner Bon Scott because no one is going to get him on another rap. Guitar once again reflects the power of the genre, the tone and temperature being just perfect.

Tequila, Mi Vida is the next track on this catalogue, and wake up the ZZ Top fans. If this isn’t a Billy Gibbons blessed whiskey ride, I’d be surprised. With a simple two change intense riff, Sans Patrie demands your attention, and commands it as well. Insomniac Dreaming sees the first acoustically dominated track from this talented artist. The electric has its flourishes now and then, but dominated by the simple lyrics and habitual melancholies of the unrested mind.

The Westerns set in now. Inspired by the depths of Ennio Morricone’s mind, Devil Horns and Angel Wings is a story to tell. The marching sound is the spine of this track, while it deviates due to the nature of the lyrics. From obsession to mutiny of the mind and captivity, Sans has covered a range of emotions almost all of us have felt during this unreal period.

Pride & Joy

Whiskey Song employs violins with full chords to really ring out the emotion. A love song disguised by the intoxication of the spirit, this artist does not allow the mood to be dictated by words. The instruments shine with a bright intensity, even during the verse sections that might be simply laid out. A talented songwriter with great vision. Humo y Vino is the closest track to pop on this playlist. With radio disturbance as an added effect, the influence of guitar does not fade away. The introduction is still narrated by the electric, with his native tongue giving a whole new dimension to this track. It is a long epic, collaborative in its effort with changes in tones and warmth that was not explored in the earlier, shorter tracks. Easily the best in terms of musicality as well.

The Castello Plan is the closing track, and is acoustically sound. The rich timbre of the guitar offsets Sans’ vocals, sounding like a blink-182 or Green Day acoustic number. However, this is not a punk band including a acoustic number, it is an undiscovered rockstar doing so. Much more precise in terms of song making traditions, Sans shows his versatility while showcasing mature talent with his debut. An album worth the legacy he chases.

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