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Bryan Nord – Divergent Dreaming | Mysterious

Philadelphia-based musician Bryan Nord‘s new single, ‘Divergent Dreaming,’ has the ability to make us think about a variety of complex emotion. The immersive soundscapes, which expertly integrate influences ranging from electronic to alternative rock, are fascinating. From the very first pattern in the Keys, we can obviously detect the story’s emotional tone. The dialogue added context to the piece, ensuring that all ideas are oriented in one direction and serving as a prelude to the composition. The Keys’ attractive tones play an important role in connecting parts together and keeping us focused on a particular theme. The patterns themselves become the home, diverging into other interpretations before returning to their original place.

The structure is incredibly unique, incorporating simple to sophisticated parts and concepts that keep the song engaging throughout. To bring these parts into perspective and make them sound coherent, the processing of each tone is also given a lot of care. The ideas are not pushed in any way; every syncopated rhythmic element to melodic pattern comes through so organically that we are completely hooked to the progression and begin to vibe with the loop. I enjoyed how contemplative the mood is, and how we tend to examine, and that a sense of ambiguity keeps us interested in the succeeding sections. The ideas behind the layout are the highlight for me, and that would definitely stick out.

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