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Afmikon – Follow You | Deep In Love

Afmikon, an electronic music producer and composer, just released a new song titled “Follow You“, which makes us feel all the love and thankfulness. The song’s attitude is so optimistic that it will undoubtedly leave you with a sense of joy. The songwriting has a wonderful motive with a lot of simplicity, which will help the song reach a wider audience. Furthermore, the emotions are genuine and honest, which will help the song connect on a profound level. In terms of vocal arrangements and performance, I felt compassion and sounded so true to the words, which has larger impacts and significance of their meanings. In these trying times, the song serves as a message of light.

The production is lively and energises us with a lot of power and good vibes. The arrangement’s simplicity adds a lot of clarity, making it easy for listeners to connect with the song right immediately. Another crucial aspect of the music that is really effective for the song is the melody. The music flows well in sections and maintains a high level of intensity throughout. We also get to hear some pretty thrilling arpeggios at the finish, which add a lot of energy and give the piece a sense of completion. Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere, which put me in a good mood and completely submerged in the love wave. I’m confident that the song would strike a chord with the audience.

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