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Semler - Stages Of A Breakdown | Somber, Enchanting 
Semler - Stages Of A Breakdown | Somber, Enchanting 

Semler – Stages Of A Breakdown | Somber, Enchanting 

Semler is an American Contemporary Christian musician with a love for a laid back, soulful, music. The music that Semler puts out has always had the one constant quality of being enchanting and this time, it is prevalent more than ever before. With the release of the latest album Stages of a Breakdown, Semler is gaining back the abundance of love like always, and for all the right reasons. 

Stages of a Breakdown is a spectacular, soulful, simple yet complex mix of breathtaking tracks that all the empaths would fall for. The album revolves around the theme of heartbreak and its entire process that hits you in the most staggering manner. Everyone would relate to the sombre quality of the tracks and would like to become soft by the end of it. The album does make you soft and that’s an inevitability simply because it’s not a happy album. The colours of grief are painted in the best of ways only to turn the canvas into a masterpiece. Each and every track has a quality of giving you peace. Everyone would find something or the other to relate to. The themes of melancholy, restlessness, grief, and restoration, are explored in an extraordinary manner. And this is the most prominent quality of the album that makes it what it is; stunning. 

Stages of a Breakdown has enchanting soundscapes that could be defined as acoustic, laid back, calming, and solacing. One of my favourite tracks is Don’t Tell Anyone and the outro itself. One thing that every song carries is an enlivening crispness and freshness that will make you feel as fresh as one feels after a good shower. On listening to all the songs in one go, you would realise what I am talking about. 

Semler’s vocals are exquisite, to say the least. There’s natural zen in Semler’s voice that gives a transcendental effect to the songs, making them more livening. You would love the slight nuances here and there. Every track is a surprise in itself, even though you know there won’t be any outlandish differences. Excellent work has been done in the production too. The undertones that are not easily perceivable but add to the magic just the same, are a result of brilliant production. The feelings and nuances come to the surface just the way they should, to make you feel exactly what they are meant to make you feel. 

Stages of a Breakdown is an enthralling musical concoction of love songs, that will move you in the most delicate of ways, yet will leave you inspired, and in awe of everything that you are. 

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