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Markus Murphy – Already Blue | Good Vibes

Markus Murphy is a Montreal-based dream funk/retro soul composer and musician. Markus composes and performs his songs in this role as the leader of a band of jazz virtuosos in the studio and on stage, with the support of his band, producers, and session musicians. Music isn’t new to him. He has been into music since his teenage days. Since his teenage years, he’s been an artist. He’s made music for fun and for professional purposes, experimenting with ethereal sounds and musical textures. He’s spent most of his life seeking out enigmatic sounds and musical textures. He admires legendary musicians such as Brian Wilson and Marvin Gaye, as well as more recent musicians such as Thundercat and Durand Jones & The Indications, who have influenced him greatly.

‘Already Blue’ is a smooth and groovy track that fits well with a variety of different moods. It with an upbeat tune,  and it would catch you off guard at first until you hear the soothing voice paired with the amazing instrumentals. This song gives you all the good vibes. It truly ignites a sense of nostalgia blended with the new school ambience that’s fresh in everyone’s ears! The song has an awesome beat, with beautiful vocal arrangements. It really does sound like a piece of art. If you want to feel cooler than Prince charming himself, then this song can help you achieve your goal!

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