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Leonardo Barilaro-100 Days
Leonardo Barilaro-100 Days
Leonardo Barilaro-100 Days

Leonardo Barilaro-100 Days | Sound-space continuum

Leonardo Barilaro is a spaceman. Not a rocketman, not even the Hardwell song one. He is an aerospace engineer as well as pianist, so he makes sure his passions translate in his work. I might not have perused through his thesis, but I can listen to his music. This is his new release, 100 days.

Not only do his compositions dream as big as him, they sound that way too. With only the piano playing as the core instrument, Leonardo Barilaro is able to delve into the emotional peril in his song 100 days. He has released 4 songs in a series since then, Not ____ without a note. It has consecutively reached 4 days post 100 days, and its an interesting thematic choice that shows the scale to his dreams and musical ability. He started with the one day and has released an instrumental piece for each day since then.

That’s just this year. I would request a listener to not judge this artist by the music and quantity he’s producing. He might be onto another Dark Side Of the Moon album and we just haven’t noticed. 100 days is powerful enough to not only notice, but respect the journey that Leonardo has taken.

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