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Giant Fella - Only the Dead | About Wars 
Giant Fella - Only the Dead | About Wars 

Giant Fella – Only the Dead | About Wars 

Giant Fella is a half Swedish singer and songwriter. His latest release Only the Dead is the song he wrote about the Ukraine-Russia war. Getting inspired by the Greek Philosopher Plato’s thought; “Only dead have seen the end of war”, Only the Dead is a charming yet heartbreaking track about humanity, justice, loss, and love. 

Being his very first release, choosing the theme of war for his debut is daunting in itself. Also because the song is anything but ordinary. The retro, laid back soundscapes make the song even more enchanting and provide melancholy like nothing else. Only the Dead feels like a heartbreaking ballad sung by a man sitting on the battlefield long after the battle is over, grieving over the loss of his loved one. Even if the battle gets over, it never actually ends. The pain, the misery, in the hearts of those who have lost someone remains palpable forever. 

Only the Dead is a heartbreaking song, yet it leaves you with hope. It makes you believe in all the good things such as compassion and humanity itself. It makes you realise that wars are useless and nothing should compromise humanity and love. With such reaffirming mottos, Only the Dead inspires the listeners in the best of ways. Rich music makes the whole experience of listening to this song even more amazing. A great track for the present times!

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