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Nicky Moran – Your Promises Are for Me | Divinity

Nicky Moran is a New Zealand based singer and songwriter. Actively creating music since her early thirties, she is now an avid, full-fledged musician who has performed in various parts of New Zealand. She is known for creating music revolving around Christian themes of contemporary worship. In her most recent single, Your Promises Are for Me, we witness a similarly themed track jewelled with gorgeous musical elements and fine lyrics. 

Your Promises Are for me belongs to a retro Pop genre with vivid elements of Country Blues, and Rock that mingle together like a dream. The amalgamation of all the genres makes this track really touching and exquisite. The vivid presence of Orchasteral elements adds to the subliminal effect that this song produces. 

Christian themes are explored in this track too, with recurrent mention of the Lord here and there. The song feels like a nice joyful ballad with its jovial tone and soft music. What appears to be an ode to God, can also be perceived in different ways. The song’s lyrics are joyful too. One must mention the vocals of Nicky Moran. She knows how to sing in order to execute the aim of the track perfectly. The mood, the feels, of the track would be nothing if the vocals would have been any different. With excellent execution and production, things come to the surface just the way they should. 

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