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MOLTENO - Element 1 | Luminous and Transcending
MOLTENO - Element 1 | Luminous and Transcending

MOLTENO – Element 1 | Luminous and Transcending

Molteno is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and budding producer. She is known and celebrated for her otherworldly music with dreamy soundscapes, lucid surreality, and outlandish tunes. Her music celebrates surrealism in the most extraordinary manner. And you will get to know that when you listen to her tracks. On listening to her recent album, Element 1, I was in awe of how exceptionally unique each and every track is. 

Element 1 is an EP with 4 songs and an intro. The songs are of the dream-pop genre. Dream pop is the genre that Molteno usually experiments with, to come up with refreshing and never-heard-before tracks that any zen-loving person would fall for. With transcending soundscapes in these fine tracks, you would realize quite soon that the songs have a charming effect on you. You love how the tracks alter the air around you and make you at ease. Nothing about the tracks would tense you out or provide you with vigour or energy. Because the songs are simply meant to put you in a zen state of mind. Moreover, that’s not the only best part. If you are a lover of complex tunes and love to explore the complexities, Element 1 is the album for you. The art junkies out there would absolutely devour contemplating the song’s patterns, rhythms, nuances, and textures that might go unnoticed if you do not have an ear for music. As the songs are anything but simple, you need to indulge completely in order to grasp the flavours in the best way. Moreover, Element 1 is a dreamy and surreal album that features fine tracks.  That makes this album suitable for many moods. You can listen to Element 1 while doing chores, driving, showering, or literally anything. ‘Cause this album complements a lot of moods. 

Excellent work has been done on vocals. The R&B effect in each track adds to the dreaminess a bit further. Moreover, with Molteno’s excellent singing skills, everything comes to execution in the perfect manner. Listeners would notice how well every element has been mixed in a genius way to make sure nothing becomes irregular or over the top. With great production, each element is given justice perfectly. 

I loved the way each track is similar in terms of the genre but is entirely different from the rest. Simply because of the diversity that Molteno offers through these tracks, I call this album suitable for many moods. 

Element 1 is an album that you should listen to on a lonesome car journey, cozy afternoon, or to add some surreality to your day. The album will also set you in the perfect mood to create some art thereafter. 

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