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Cable TV | Rafters | Synth Wizardry | Electronic
Cable TV | Rafters | Synth Wizardry | Electronic

Cable TV – Rafters | Synth-wave Wizardry

If life were a Tron movie and the world was filled with neon, the sound track would definitely consist of ‘Rafters’. Cable TV has done a really good job creating a very neo punk vibe using synth sounds that just gives you the right amount of energy while also being something you can lay back and listen to.

Cable TV is a synth based artist project by James Yuill. The style that Yuill brings to his live shows is exhibited in this track. A hybrid genre between techno and synth-wave with some folk essence. In this track, the techno aspect is very mild but there is a kick drum that drives the track ahead. He calls this genre “folktronica”, due to the vocal element of his tracks that stand out form other artists making this genre.

‘Rafters’ is just the perfect track for a night out or night in the club because it sets the perfect vibe for a party no matter where. The driving kick paired with the vocals create a mesmerizing effect that just leaves the listener in a dilemma: whether to move or sit down. The vocal effects used in the track are really cool and just take the center stage. The mix is impeccable with all the elements sitting in the right place. Percussions are very absurd with some modulated wooden block sound that is just ear candy toward the later half of the track. You can hear the percussions start off with a clap in the start that just sits so perfectly with the melody/lead that the track starts with. The melodies and leads are just oozing with synth goodness that just bleeds into the listener’s ears.

An amazing track with just the right number of vocals and instruments. To Yuill, words are just sounds. Everything in his track is purely musical and has no such literate meaning. Nevertheless, the track is profoundly meaningful because at the end of the day words are just sounds that we recognize and attribute value to. That does not mean other sounds have no meaning! Everything is just as meaningful as words, just that we haven’t attributed a fixed meaning. This means that they can mean anything that you want it to mean; making Yuill some sort of Sonic Wizard!

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Words are just sounds.

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