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Sonomancer – Digital Graves | Musical Genius

Sonomancer’s music is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Sonomancer imagines a world where music is the language of liberation. His sound is grounded in UK rave culture. He channels dark melodies of film soundtracks in his projects. Sonomancer likes to keep his identity hidden.

The song ‘Digital Graves’ is a very experimental track. Sonomancer and Martha Goddard have come together to create unique and energetic sounds teaming up with Martha’s vocals. The song begins with soft and gentle synths that flow into an abruptly, upbeat rhythm throughout the full length. It is sure to lead you on blissful never-ending rides. With an almost hypnotic composition, the song will keep you off-balance, on your toes. The beats are highly programmed and each piece of music is like a beautiful mix of layered melodies that are hard to describe in words or even tones. This one is not to miss especially if you are into a type of sound that makes you have all sorts of emotions in just one song. ‘Digital Grave‘ is a song that must be listened to- by any music fan who is about to enter a new universe.

Enjoying listening to ‘Digital Graves’ here.

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