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Halleys Komet-Last Forever
Halleys Komet-Last Forever
Halleys Komet-Last Forever

Halleys Komet-Last Forever | One final countdown

Halleys Komet is a band from Norway that has a bit of a film script. Like one of my favorite films, The School of Rock, this group is comprised of a music teacher and his student. Formed in 2020, they have released 2 singles till now. This is their latest single, Last Forever. Does it rock the bell of the Kasbah? Let’s find out.

Last Forever has the synths, blends and attacks from our favorite 80s bands. In moments they sound like REO Speedwagon, Boston and even Europe. At times, they can shift to the alt-rock grittiness of The Pixies. Any which way you see it, the synth and guitar are king. Each aids the other to an impressive swell or implosion of sound. The vocals dramatically serenade the instruments, and the band follows suit in spectacular compression. There is no time wasted, just good old rock with whatever you always missed.

Halleys Komet aren’t here for the coke, girls and booze of the 80s. Revivalists don’t have to make the same mistakes as their predecessors, right? The rock connection can be heard in their other two singles released this year, Out of the Blue & Self-Medication. Listen to this impressive ensemble of master and students here:

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