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Frances Hope-Warzone
Frances Hope-Warzone
Frances Hope-Warzone

Frances Hope-Warzone | Walking the line

Frances Hope draws inspiration from early Joni Mitchell, Brandi Carlile, Lana Del Ray and Gordon Lightfoot. Her music however, has developed an edge of it’s own since then. From post-punk influences to the rudiments of folk music, Frances Hope never ceases to surprise. This is her latest single, Warzone.

If Alanis Morrissette and Fiona Apple would have a Venn Diagram intersection, we could have a Frances Hope. Add a bit of vocal wizardry of course. This artists’ latest single is a post-punk dive into some great distortion guitar and strong vocals. The shrill dissipation of the electric is heard in sharp contrast to Frances’ voice, which allows her to navigate the unorthodox chord progression with great simplicity. Using the distorted guitar to exemplify the split in her head, she explores a new theme with a new sound that is very exciting to hear.

She sings about the Warzone in her head, the split amongst decisions and the perils that come. From her triple A side in 2020 with her hit track Mistaken Identity, she has come a long way expressing successfully these relatable themes. Songs like Christmas in My Heart shows her range in being able to glide in and out through genres, her focus only being to create beautiful music.

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