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SJ Denney | All I've Ever Known | Blissful contemplation | Singer-songwriter
SJ Denney | All I've Ever Known | Blissful contemplation | Singer-songwriter

SJ Denney – All Ive Ever Known | Blissful contemplation

Imagine a warm summer day at a ranch. Sipping on some iced tea while you watch your cattle graze in the distance. Your hat offering just the right amount of shade over your face for the perfect afternoon siesta. Your horse whinnying by your side is the only thing keeping you up at the moment. A blissful scenario that SJ Denney has created in my head with his latest single ‘All I’ve ever known’.

SJ Denney is based out of UK and is a singer-songwriter who has been releasing music since 2016. He released his first album is 2016 – “Then Again”. His latest single ‘All Ive Never known’ is a song about the predicament of mankind today. A deep dive into emotions, attachment and the fact that we are not really alone. A blissful and serene single that not only sounds pleasing but also has meaningful and relatable lyrics.

The song starts off showcasing SJ Denney’s masterful guitar work that just gets the listener to sit down and bob their head. Denney has a beautiful voice that hits the right spot. Hes not just someone with a good voice because his lyrics makes sense and that is an added bonus. The song starts off with some really poetic lyrics: ““I don’t know what I’m doing here, but I’ve travelled from afar, I’m not asking you to rescue me, even though you understand…”. Such depth in the opening line of the song gets the listener hooked to find out what he wants to convey.

From what I have understood, the lyrics talk about how helpless and alone he felt until someone came along and showed him that he need not deal with everything alone. That is relevant to every human being who thinks they must do everything by themselves. A wake up call for some and a blissful reminder for the rest. The mouth organ sound that plays halfway into the track just mesmerized me as it tore through the mix and wrapped itself around me. What a wonderful way to use the instrument to convey hope amidst sadness. It just created the perfect ambience for this track.

A masterful creation by SJ Denney that is profound yet blissful. A perfect track to getaway and contemplate on life while being in a state of blissful meditation.

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