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Jone Lindman & Andreas Grannes-Letters
Jone Lindman & Andreas Grannes-Letters
Jone Lindman & Andreas Grannes-Letters

Jone Lindman & Andreas Grannes-Letters | The ink holds true

Jone Lindman & Andreas Grannes are accomplished songwriters, in their own right. Owning their own characterised sound with powerful poetry and poignant melodies, they have both joined forces in this track. This single is called Letters, an indie number that has a plea from the heart of a crisp white sheet.

Letters is their first collaboration, and hopefully not the last. The two artist create a beautiful progression that has a jangling chime and holds a steady 4/4. The highlights are the lyrics and flourishes around the progression, that adds excitement to the sound. They share the verses, along with the instrumentals being split as well. Not diverting from the essence of the song in any way, Jone Lindman & Andreas Grannes know how to pull an audience in. They do it with big heart.

Jone has created some cool, captivating tracks over the past 10 years, and he’s built quite the catalogue with the atmospheric control he has over the vibe. Andreas on the other hand has been performing professionally since 2018, with thematic explorations as a musician. This is a combination that was meant to gel, and gel it does. Each adds their strongest element of storytelling and instrumental simplicity to the song, making it something you can hum all day.

Enjoy their single here:

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