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Doc Fischbach-Finally Free
Doc Fischbach-Finally Free
Doc Fischbach-Finally Free

Doc Fischbach-Finally Free | The shackles melt away

With the spirit and voice of a songbird, returns Doc Fischbach. You might have heard his popular single No More Roommates last year, or any of the 3 beautifully extravagant singles he released the year before. If not, you’re here to hear something you’ll never forget. Prepare to get mesmerized by his voice in his new single, Finally Free.

With reverb on keys and a droning synth, these instruments don’t battle for attention. They elevate whatever vocal state Doc Fischbach has achieved. With a voice like honey resembling Michael Jackson and his long time admirer Bruno Mars, Doc has his own control on his pipes. They grip you and carry you with them on this surreal magic carpet ride. It doesn’t take long to realize that Doc can control your emotions, and they transcend this digital barrier.

Overcoming immense hardships and battling addiction, abuse and mental health struggles, Doc has broken from these shackles. Imbibing positivity and having it as his spine for support, Doc has honed his natural talent for music and catapulted it across the park. His single The Writing’s On The Wall was a beautiful vocal arrangement that created a niche within the song for his own voice. Follow this incredible artist for more.

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