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Maddox Jones - Believe It | Stunning and Rich
Maddox Jones - Believe It | Stunning and Rich

Maddox Jones – Believe It | Stunning and Rich

Maddox Jones is an independent American singer and songwriter. Known for his versatility and ingenuity, Maddox Jones knows how to bring about the best for his fans. From exploring the electronic genre to delving into the rock world, he has done it all. Maddox Jones is loved for how well he keeps the ‘great’ element in all of his songs alive. No matter what the genre or the theme is. 

This time, like no exception, Maddox Jones is stealing the show. He has released a brand new album which is gaining quite some attention and admiration from his fans, and for all the right reasons. His latest release called Believe It is an album full of stunning numbers that are hopeful, uplifting, invigorating, in the best of ways. And when it comes to music, quite artistic. 

Maddox Jones has done quite a great job on this album by creating soul-filling pop, rock tracks that provide the perfect amount of boost you might be looking for. With a vibe like that of Imagine Dragons, Believe It is quite a motivational album, with each song inspiring you to be the better version of yourself. 

Personally speaking, I love it when the musicians imbibe rich artistic elements with inspiring words and nuances that just do wonders to make you feel better about yourself. And if I am not wrong, everyone is seeking inspiration intentionally or unintentionally. It becomes important to seek solace. And many a time, solace comes in the form of music and art. Believe It is just the album you should listen to. There are songs in this album that might change the way you see yourself or the world. While listening to the album, I was inspired by the way Maddox Jones adds value to the album by making it inspiring. What intrigues me the most is how well he imbibed lessons into his music for people to learn from. If an artist can give the gift of inspiration with their art, the art becomes so much more valuable. And that’s the reason why Believe It feels so special to me. 

One of the lines that stayed with me was one from the track Monsters. It goes like, “What if I told you your demons will someday become your friends?” To me, that line did something I cannot possibly articulate. Once you listen to the album, you will realise that this album is outstanding if we speak in musical terms. With rich rock and pop elements, Believe It becomes quite a treat. Moreover, the songs are not over the top or pompous. They have simplicity as a constant element in them, which makes them what they are. That being said, you will be in awe of Jones’s ingenuity as a musician ‘cause he does a phenomenal job at making the songs refreshing and unique.

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