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Jason LaPierre-catching feelings 4 u
Jason LaPierre-catching feelings 4 u
Jason LaPierre-catching feelings 4 u

Jason LaPierre-catching feelings 4 u | An old, gold soul

I particularly hate the term “all that jazz”. It is recent, for I have gotten to understand more of it through exposure. Anything complicated is associated to jazz, and that is unfair to the genre. Most musical innovations and essence comes from it, yet it is overlooked by most listeners. Jason LaPierre is on the path to change that. This is his latest single, catching feelings 4 u.

His single from 2020 called All In My Head has some of the best blends of pop and jazz from a songwriter I have seen. We know Mayer uses jazz chords every once in a while. In this single, Jason LaPierre uses simple chord progressions but adds the frills and thrills of jazz to spice things up. With a soft piano section following Jason’s deft movements on the guitar-tonality and honey-dense smoothness is achieved by this talented individual. His influences are artists like Bruno Major, Laufey, Chet Baker and Conor Albert.

I see this song having a very simple outcome as well. That is what it sounds like now also, but the complex work that goes on in the background can’t be overlooked. Jason LaPierre makes it all sound easy, with a simple chorus section and the vocals being so easy to memorise. Who knew you could change the meaning of the term “all that jazz”?

Listen to his beautiful, melodic single here:

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